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         CROSS LINE SERVICES refers to independent survey activity.

Occurrence of the market of surveyor services is stipulated by the nature of shipping. The marine sea fleet basically attend to international trade, in daily which activity of participants, constantly conflict of interests takes place, therefore in this area of human activity barest necessity in surveyor (expert) services has appeared. Surveyor activity get wide developing in connection with organization of classification marine registers and insurance companies, and then at the end of XIX century commenced to develop one more direction of this activity - a surveillance of quality and quantities of transported consignments.

"CROSSLINE SERVICES" . was established in 2008. we have been engaged in providing a wide range of impartial marine and cargo survey services. we strive to protect the interests of our clients.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists with high marine and economic education. We have both sea-going and shore based backgrounds and possess all the necessary expertise to sustain our services at the highest possible level, but for all that price policy of "CROSSLINE SERVICES" is based on an individual approach to each client. All this makes our company of one of the most attractive in the market of survey services.



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